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We offer a Choice of PVC or Wood shutters with a selection of colors.

Roller blinds

Not all light filtering shades are created equally!

Opaque blackout shades have one main feature that distinguishes them from privacy shades or solar shades: blackout shades provide 100% light blockage.
Privacy shades have a very tight weave that allow some level of light through the fabric but generally offer a very limited view, and solar shades are a different story entirely.
Hunter Douglas Showcase Alliance dealer with the latest trends and promotions

Solar shades are made from a unique kind of shade fabric that allows for a wide range of openness, light filter and view.
Most solar shades are between 3% and 10% open, with 3% openness giving a good amount of privacy and light filtering, and 10% providing significantly less.
Other, more extreme, solar shades can have 25% openness, providing almost no privacy at all.
The kind of light-blocking shade you choose depends on your preferences and intended use.

Dual Shade

Offers the privacy of a shade, the softened view of a sheer and the option of raising and lowering your shade with privacy control at every level.

Opera Shade Control System

An industry first, our patented Opera system offers a truly unique and perfect room darkening shade.
Its innovative design combines the beauty of a wide assortment of elegant fabrics across a multitude of product categories with the functionality of a room darkening fabric

Hunter Douglas Pirouettes

Our innovative Pirouette® shadings feature soft horizontal fabric vanes attached to a single sheer backing, allowing for enhanced views to the outside while maintaining privacy and the full beauty of the fabric appearance on the inside.

Hunter Douglas Silhouette

Transform the sunlight through your windows with our Silhouette® and The Alustra® Collection of Silhouette® shadings. Perfectly illuminate your surroundings by diffusing harsh sunlight and dispersing it evenly throughout your room.

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